CBC commenced operations in 1954, and has observed many changes within the Australian landscape over the years. Always ready and prepared to adjust according to demand, CBC itself has undergone many changes over the course of its history. CBC’s heritage is a demonstration of the company constantly meeting the demands of its customers with excellent service. Here’s a look at the history of CBC and its achievements over the years.
The 1950s were a boom time in Australia, and the decade brought with it an increasing demand for an array of new components and approaches to technology. J.J. Martin-Weber, after observing the lack of available supply and service facilities, formed CBC Australia Pty Ltd.
Martin-Weber’s vision resonated immediately within the market, and CBC quickly found itself with a growing customer base. In 1957, just three years after opening its doors, CBC moved to larger premises in Leichhardt, in Sydney’s inner west.
The Martin-Weber family legacy lives on. Ron Martin-Weber took on the role of his father and added to the portfolio of international manufacturers, increasing CBC’s reach across Australia.
1960 also saw the first geographic expansion for CBC. The first branch outside of NSW was opened in Adelaide, with a second opening soon after in Prospect. A Victorian office opened in Maidstone and moved to a larger premises soon after in 1964.
CBC’s growing demand necessitated yet another location move. The company moved its NSW head office operation to Drummoyne. Additionally, in a bid to go where the customers are, the company also opened a sales office in the steel industry center of Port Kembla.
CBC achieved its strongest and longest running partnership in 1962. Partnering with Japanese giant, NTN Corporation, the scale of CBC was lifted yet further.

MID 1960s

Strong regional growth led the management team of CBC to look for further expansion opportunities. This time around the company turned its eyes north to Queensland, and opened its first Queensland office in South Brisbane, accompanying a Queensland head office in Albion.
In 1966 CBC secured a strong win, with a sole agency agreement formed with Rothe Erde®. This partnership has become pivotal over the years to many major ventures, not least the CSIRO Australia Telescope and Australia’s largest offshore and tower crane manufacturer.
There was also yet more expansion in 1966, with the company opening its third South Australia office in Richmond.
1967 was a year of modernisation for CBC. The company took one of its oldest offices, in Prospect, South Australia, and replaced it with a modern warehouse. Following shortly after that project, a modernisation of the Maidstone Victoria facility was also completed.
In 1968 CBC continued its expansion, this time into satellite cities of NSW with a facility opening in Newcastle. Additionally, another facility was constructed in Albion. The growth didn’t stop there. Victoria’s second sales office at Moorabbin was opened, following the construction of the new head office in Auburn, Sydney.
It was also a year of significant commercial wins as CBC commenced the manufacture of bearing housings, and completed the formation of Transmission Bearing Company (TBC).


Following strong demand for its products throughout Victoria, CBC realised the need to increase its presence in that area. In response to high demand, the company opened sales outlets in Vermont and Thomastown.
1973 was the first year that CBC formally went far west and commenced operations in Perth. Closer to home, it also opened sales outlets in the Sydney suburbs of Marrickville and Guildford.
All of the growth around Australia meant that CBC needed significantly larger, new national headquarters. A three acre site in Kingsgrove was selected as the new office, and this move was completed in 1974.
1975 was a year of regional expansion, with major regional centres, Geelong in Victoria and Gladstone in Queensland opening new offices. CBC also opened its first office in Canberra in 1975.
Always ahead of the technology curve, CBC also completed a major upgrade to IBM system 32 computers in this year.


The need for more space meant a significant upgrade in 1980. The national headquarters at Kingsgrove extended to 6000m2 to house the ever expanding stock range that CBC was producing.
In 1988 CBC made another major upgrade to its technology systems, upgrading to a decentralised computer system through the installation of IBM System 36. This brought the company significant benefits in enabling national stock holding to be visible through the entire expanding organisation.
Demand in NSW meant that CBC needed a larger regional facility. This led to the construction of a brand new, purpose built, 4000m2 facility in western Sydney’s Eastern Creek.
In 1994 yet more technology opportunities were capitalised on. A new IBM system (AS/400) allowed CBC to develop a complete network, allowing for a totally national stock sourcing environment.
In 1998 a new product was introduced into the CBC range. The introduction of power transmission products was the perfect complement to the existing bearing brands that were performing so well for the company.
In 1999, yet another major expansion was needed at the national headquarters to house the 45,000 lines of stock, and so the Kingsgrove warehouse was extended from 6,000m2 to 10,000m2. To give you a sense of the sheer scale that the company had achieved, this expansion allowed CBC to store up to 3,000,000 components at once.


Following in the footsteps of the family business, Mitchel and Karl Martin-Weber became directors of CBC. Another significant personality within the organisation, Norm Luff, retired, but the company acquired a new Managing Director in Brett Bartholomew.
2007 also brought with it major office changes, with Victoria’s head office moving from Maidstone to Sunshine. The Kingsgrove headquarters also underwent a number of major renovations, including a first floor management and administration office, and an additional 900m2 of warehouse space.
Finally, the NSW head office was relocated from Eastern Creek to Kingsgrove following completion of the renovations.
In 2009 additional growth was seen with two new purpose built offices in regional Queensland (Townsville and Mackay). Meanwhile, CBC Kewdale was opened by combining Midland and Welshpool into a Super Branch.
There was also some work done on the offices for the key CBC partners in 2009. Rothe Erde®, NTN and Power Transmission Division offices were all renovated at the Kingsgrove headquarters.


In 2010 CBC had a leadership change, with George Khoury appointed as Managing Director. He immediately got to work and made a major acquisition for the company. Under Khoury, CBC acquired an innovative complementary business, Motion Industries, from Westfarmers.
In 2013, Richard Jenman was appointed as Managing Director.
Jenman’s first major task as the company’s new Managing Director was to relaunch the CBC brand in the Australian marketplace, which he has successfully completed. Additionally, the company made another major acquisition in picking up Bearing Dynamics.

60 Years of Service To Australian Industry

Our purpose is to ensure that our customer’s plant and equipment operates efficiently, reliably and safely. To achieve this we strive to be a bridge of value between the world leading and respected manufacturers and end users.

Through continuous improvement and sustainable growth align with our strategic objectives. These are being driven by our long term investment in people, systems, processes and new growth opportunities keeping in balance with the needs of customers.

CBC is proud to be 100% Australian owned and operated, and is dedicated to providing our customers with only the highest quality products and services across a wide range of industries. CBC has offices located all across Australia, reaching to the most remote parts of this vast country. No application is too big, or too small, for our qualified CBC specialist technicians.

With our in house manufacturing CBC can provide customized engineering solutions through their total machine shop capabilities. These top quality customized engineering solutions are the most comprehensive available anywhere within Australia.

CBC is part of the INENCO Group of companies, 100% privately Australian owned with a footprint of over 160 locations, 1400 employees in Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia.
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