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When Baldwin Filters began operations, it employed just a few people making lube filters in a garage. 

Today, Baldwin Filters has a presence across the globe. Baldwin operates manufacturing and distribution centers in the United States, Mexico,the United Kingdom, Belgium, China, Morocco, Australia and South Africa.

Additionally, Baldwin has expanded its distribution throughout South America, Russia and the Middle East through the efforts of dedicated sales managers and independent distributors.

Baldwin Filters is continuing to focus on providing a superior filtration product to all areas of the world.

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14 Sep 2017

Automotive Applications Catalogue 2017_By CBC.pdf

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14 Sep 2017

Baldwin Filters Product Catalogue_By CBC.pdf

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14 Sep 2017

Manufacturers Cross Reference 2017_By CBC.pdf

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14 Sep 2017

Number Finder Cross Reference 2017_By CBC.pdf

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14 Sep 2017

Off Highway Applications Catalogue_By CBC.pdf

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14 Sep 2017

Product Guide_By CBC.pdf

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