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Linmast Induction Heater is an efficient, safe and precise method for heating for all industrial applications.
The Linmast Induction Heaters are the most eco-friendly and energy efficient form of heating. You can experience the benefits of fast heating, energy savings and high production rates.

They have a great selection of portable, bench, trolley and skid induction heaters, for bearings ranging to 800kg. With experience in induction heating since 1990, you can rely on a Linmast Induction Heater to give you years of reliable service.
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15 Sep 2017

Fitting Tool Kit_By CBC.pdf

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15 Sep 2017

LBH120D Linmast Induction Heater_By CBC.pdf

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15 Sep 2017

LBH45DA Linmast Induction Heater_By CBC.pdf

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15 Sep 2017

LBH90D Linmast Induction Heater_By CBC.pdf

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15 Sep 2017

Linmast Induction Heater Operators Menu_By CBC.pdf

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15 Sep 2017

Linmast Operators Instruction Manual_By CBC.pdf

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15 Sep 2017

Linmast Range_By CBC.pdf

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15 Sep 2017

Sendig 908_By CBC.pdf

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15 Sep 2017

Sendig 909_By CBC.pdf

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