Alignment of Shafts, Pulleys & Drives

30 January, 2016

Keeping rotating equipment in line is critical to achieving its optimum lifespan. Misaligned machinery will eventually cause bearing, shaft, seal and coupling failures; and it has been identified as a cause of increased energy consumption.

CBC Technical Services has the latest and most accurate laser alignment equipment with highly experienced operators to precision align your rotating equipment. 

Correct alignment can minimise the risk of unplanned shutdowns, reduce vibration, avoid damage to bearings and shafts, minimise wear on couplings and seals, avoid consequential damage to other components and optimise the efficiency of your equipment through improved up-time – which also has the added benefit of reduced labour and inventory.

For shaft alignments, CBC has the expertise and equipment to align horizontal, vertical, non-rotating, thermally influenced, spacer shafts and multiple machine train equipment.

For pulleys alignments, CBC uses accurate laser alignment equipment which corrects both parallel and angular misalignment. As well as belt alignment CBC has both sonic and displacement belt tensioners to enable optimal efficiency and life of your belts.

Just as important as the alignment, are the shims used. CBC uses and supplies high quality stainless steel laser cut shims. These shims can be standard machine foot shims, housing shims or custom made shims – all Australian made. Apart from stainless steel shims CBC can supply plastic and mouldable shims.

CBC Technical services can assist to improve you organisation’s alignment standards and increase equipment reliability.

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