CBC Engineered Solutions

30 January, 2016

CBC engineering solutions program is designed to deliver the maximum for the life of your rotating shaft capital and delivers support to your production critical equipment.

Run In Phase:

We can help to avoid costly premature failure through recommendations and implementation of correct fitting instructions and practices. We can design and manufacture solutions, install and if need assist in training onsite staff.

Useful Life Phase:

Our site surveys and software systems help you to identify your sites major mechanical componentry. With the integration of our condition monitoring programs we can detect early signs of impending failure or damage resulting from unusual operating conditions. Our expertise will ensure that your equipment is lubricated, tensioned and operating efficiently.

Wear Out Phase:

We can increase monitoring to detect fatigue, provide detailed root cause analysis with a view to improving future performance. Bearing refurbishment and comprehensive gearbox overhauls are also part of the service CBC can offer all clients. Inventory management through rationalisation and planed spares can reduce the total cost of ownership of your capital equipment.

Throughout these 3 phases CBC main goal is to optimise asset performance, improve up-time availability and extend maintenance cycles. This is not only better for you as a customer, but also better for the environment through less waste of materials and metals. This is achieved through the unique combination of expertise and service tailored to meet your specific needs.