Shell Tag

How many different lubricants are used at your plant? Does your lubricants store contain multiple versions of similar lubricants? Can oil drain and re-greasing intervals be further extended with product upgrades? These, and similar questions are addressed by the CBC Australia technical team when they conduct...

The most common cause of bearing failure in an industrial plant is improper lubrication. Which is why a multipoint lubrication system is recommended, particularly for large operations such as those typical in the building material manufacturing sector, says lubrication expert Mandar Shivalkar.

All recycling plants, whether they deal with metal, glass or pulp and paper processing, have one thing in common: they all need quality lubricants to keep their systems running reliably and efficiently. Understanding the importance of a comprehensive lubrication solution for recycling plants, CBC Australia has partnered with Viva Energy to offer a wide range of premium Shell lubricants to customers across Australia.